Youth Art/ Theatre/ Music Classes

Kids Art Club (Grades K-5)

Arts enrichment for students grades K-5. Students will explore the visual arts and create multimedia projects including painting, pottery, fiber art, puppetry, and more. We will meet CCS students at school and walk them to the KAC, but students from otherschools are welcome. Students may attend whichever days fit the family’s schedule on aweek-by-week basis. We will email registered families each Friday to determine which daystheir child plans to attend the following week. Parents will be billed on a weekly basis. All materials are included.

with Emily St. Clair, Trish Cavallero, Kristin Matteson, Vartan Poghosian

Monday-Friday 3-5:00PM

$20/day or $85/week

Registration fee KAC Members $5 Non-members $20


Open Studio for Kids (Grades K-5)

Students will have unstructured time to finish projects or to explore their own creative pursuits with guidance and support from Next Gen Studio instructors.

Monday-Friday   5 -6:00PM


Mini Masters (ages 3 1/2 -5)

Preschoolers and caregivers will have time to explore the visual arts working side-byside on projects designed with an eye toward process as well as product. Children are encouraged to experiment with paint, clay, fabric and more while creating works of art they will be proud to hang on any refrigerator – even one at the Guggenheim.

with Emily St. Clair, Kristin Matteson

Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 10-11AM

September 18 – December 12

KAC Members: $10/day Non-members:$12/day

Multi-class card: 6 classes for $48 available to KAC members.


Preschool Art Exploreres (Ages 3 1/2-5)

Pre-registration for each day is required. Parents are welcome, but this class is designed for children to attend independently.

Preschoolers (ages 3 ½ -5) will explore the world of art through stories and hands-on activities using a variety of media including paint, clay, music, creative movement and more. All materials and snack included.

with Kristin Matteson, Emily St. Clair

Fridays, 9AM-Noon

September 14-December 21 (N0 class October 19, November 23)

KAC Member: $35/day Non-member: $40/day




Music together for Families with children ages 0-6

What will you and your child find in a Music Together® class? Rainbow-colored falling leaves, dinosaurs in trees, shining stars, rockets to the moon and trains to the beach. You’ll hear all kinds of music from around the globe and original compositions written for Music Together classes. You’ll find children and with their special grown-ups exploring drums, bells, shakers, kitchen instruments, floating scarves and instruments galore! For more information and registration, visit or call 315-278-4119.

 with Stephen & Juliane Price

Wednesdays, 5:45-6:30PM

September 25 – December 30 (No class October 21, November  7)

$160 for families with one child; $75 for each additional child

Theater Arts I (Grades K-5)

Elementary school students will enjoy a variety of exercises and activities designed to build skills and introduce different aspects of the theater. Students will explore acting, music, movement and improvisation in a fun and nurturing environment.

with Stephen & Juliane Price

Wednesdays, 4-5:30PM

September 26-October 24

KAC Members: $95 Non-members: $110


Theater Arts II (Grades 6-8)

Middle school students will enjoy a variety of exercises and activities designed to build skills and introduce different aspects of the theater: acting, music, movement and improvisation.

with Stephen & Juliane Price

Tuesdays, 3-4:30PM

September 25-October 30

KAC Member: $120 Non-member:$135


The Art of Leadership: Developing Young Leaders through Art, Music, Theater & Writing

Students ages 8-14 will use art to examine how their thinking informs their behavior and learn to transform obstacles into results. Through acting, journaling and art, they will see life from new angles and learn strategies to replace what has not been working for them. Topics will include: self-image, stress management, assertiveness training, leadership, culture, and goal setting. In addition to the 8 sessions for students, there will be one session for parents. All materials are included.

Rebeccah is a life coach and music therapist specializing in individual and family coaching. See our web site for more information about Rebeccah and all of our instructors.

with Rebecca Silence, MA, MT-BC

Mondays, 4-5PM

September 23-December 3 (Parents workshop Nov 26, NO class Nov 5)

KAC Members: $175     Non-members: $185


WKAC-Kirkland Art Center Radio

Students ages 8-14 will learn the basics of Radio Programming, which will include music selection, appreciation, education, digital mixing & editing, news casting, entertainment & advertising. Shows will be recorded and burned to a CD as well as uploaded onto the internet via SoundCloud or MixCloud. All materials are included.

with Marc Tucci

Thursdays, 5-6:30PM

September 24-December 3

KAC Member: $65 Non-member: $75


Kirkland Comics: Pictoral Story Telling [Sequential Art]

Students ages 8-14 will study and create cartoons, comics, graphic novels & children’s books. Participants will learn about character & story development. Participants will be given sample story lines, or guided in the creation of original stories, which will then be illustrated and printed. All materials are included.

with Marc Tucci

Saturdays, 11-12:30PM

October 6-October 27

KAC Member: $45 Non-member:$50


Exploring Modern Collage (ages 14-18)

Participants will be introduced to the history of modern collage, and they will experiment with some different styles and techniques while creating their own pieces.

with Trish Cavallero

Wednesdays, 7-8:30

October 3-October 24

KAC Member: $45 Non Member:$50

Prices (ages 11-14)

Project ideas, guidance and instruction are provided, but students are also given freedom to pursue their own creative ideas with help from Next Gen Studio Staff. Pizza and art supplies included.

With Emily St. Clair, Kristin Matteson, Trish Cavallero


Acrylic Painting – Friday, September 28  6:30-9:30PM

Creative Costumes – Saturday, October 27  6:30-9:30PM

Collage -Saturday, December 8  6:30-9:30PM


Open Studio for Teens

Weekly project suggestions, exercises, guidance and instruction are provided, but students are also given freedom to pursue their own goals. Focus will be on sketching and painting with an eye toward building student portfolios. Some materials provided; additional supply list available online or at KAC office.

with Trish Cavallero, Emily St. Clair, Kristin Matteson

Mondays, 7-8:30

October 1-November 19

KAC Member: $75 Non-member:$85



Click here for information about our summer camps!

Kids Clay Hand Building Workshop

Young students will learn how to create amazing artworks out of wet clay. The result? Wild, whimsical and wacky creations that will knock your socks off. All the materials are included in the class price.

with Vartan Poghosian

Level: Ages 6-12

4 weeks

Sat  July 7 – July 28 10-11:30 am  CANCELED

Sat August 4 – August 25 10-11:3am CANCELED

Member: $85  Non-Member: $95

Potential Potters

Get fired up!  Learn the art of wheel throwing in this basic/continuing class for those with a flair for functional pieces. All the materials are included in the class price.

with Vartan Poghosian

Level: Ages 6-12

4 weeks

Sat July 7 – July 28  12-1:30pm  CANCELED

Sat August 4 – August 25  12-1:30pm CANCELED

Member: $85 Non-Member: $95

Mini Masters

Join us for a class designed just for preschoolers. Each week’s project will correspond with the theme from our summer Creativity Camps. We will use paints and a variety of tools to create our messy masterpieces. Caregivers will work along side their children throughout the class

with Emily St. Clair

Level: Ages 2-5

4 weeks

Tues July 10 – July 31  10-11am

Tues August 7 – August 28  10-11am

Member: $30 Non-Member: $40


Kids Art Club

We will meet children at CCS at walker dismissal. When weather permits, we will eat lunch (pack your own lunch) outside and enjoy playground before waling to the KAC.

Story Quilts. Artis Faith Ringold was inspired by stories and fabric to create amazing works of art called story quilts. Fabric, buttons, sequins, glue, sewing materials will all be on hand, and each day students will draw a piece from a story and transform it into a quilt square.

with Emily St. Clair

Level: Grades K-5

CCS Half-Days June 15, June 18, June 19, June 20 11:30am-4pm

Member: $185 Non-Members: $200


prime (prīm) adj. first in rank or importance . n. the earliest stage. v. prepare; make ready.                  is a series of workshops for middle school students interested in art.

Recycled Crayon Creations. Students will be shown how something as simple as a crayon and hair dryer can be used to add wild color, and unique designs to otherwise ordinary objects.

with Emily St. Clair

Sat June 16  6-9pm

Member: $15 Non-Member: $20


KAC . prime in the eveningWed July 11-August 22Member: $15 per evening

Non-Member: $20 per evening


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